Fifa 16 Features & Review

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FIFA 16: thé football game of 2015 will be available from September 24
FIFA 16 takes the football again to a new level! As of September 24, 2015 is the world’s largest and most realistic football game online in the Netherlands and Belgium for sale. Also at In the game you can have all the current top teams and star players from around the world. Extra addition to the game are the national damesvoetbalelftals. And of course plenty of new features, more realistic images and the best soccer tricks and moves that will make you feel like a real star player! FIFA 16 is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Playstation 3.

FIFA 16: reserve

Would you first have all new specs, teams and stars on your console? But do not you put it to stand for this in line for hours or just to get to the box office as the 16th FIFA shelf is empty? Are you smart and book here your FIFA 16 game online. You can order all the variants of this game, so for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation3 and Playstation4. On September 24 delivers the game at your place. Block that day your calendar and you can instantly play with and against your friends.

New to FIFA 16

Like every year, EA Sports put the game whiz kids of the world to work to present a more intense football experience full of new tricks, experiences and players from the international football world. And not to forget, the largest and most impressive football stadiums.

New and improved features in FIFA 2016:

-Stop Your opponent more effectively than ever and use the extra freedom you have as a defender.

-25 New moves to stop your opponents, such as improved agility, lateral movements and the strength to walk quickly close the space.

-Work Closely together as defenders and make your opponent more difficult than ever before. The clever positional play makes teamwork extra simple and especially effective.

-Create Stronger and tighter passes and crosses. This asset you finish your league simple and beckons the open goal. You pass the keeper with your skills?

-Additional Creativity on the ball when dribbling example and making feints. You’re all too smart and too quickly. The controlling factor in the game is in FIFA 16 even more important and provides additional attack capabilities and potential in the game.

-By Extra freedom of movement in the foot and ankle is even more creativity and precision in scoring goals and play to your teammates.

-The New coach of FIFA 16 will help you with directions to become an even better player this football game and gives all during the match feedback.

-12 National teams in women’s football and the opportunity to play in a league.

Buy FIFA 2016 now online

Turn on September 24, 2015 thick in the calendar and watch at the mailbox. Now if you book online and order your copy of FIFA 2016, you have him as one of the first game fans in the house. Fifa 16 Coin Generator Free

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The new SnapChat update is the best EVER

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We are incredibly excited about the latest update to our favorite app. We can now send completely deranged selfies to our friends with the craziest effects, we can (for a fee) is now back playing three snaps per day and … we can earn trophies by sending snaps. Snap Chat is now really even cooler than ever before.

Version 9.15, which is the last snap Chat update and download your best as soon as possible. Because then you can buy the new features. finally make use of the application.Believe us, Snap Chat suddenly a pack of fun and for these reasons.

1. Lenses

snapchat lenses

This is undoubtedly the best novelty of the application. You can now use so incredibly cool filters to capture the craziest selfies and send it to your friends.How does it work? All you need to do before you make a selfie, your face is close enough to keep the camera – but not too close, of course, your face should be completely error – and a few seconds, hold your finger on your face. Then you go very briefly see a white screen will appear on your face and you can add filters to your heart to deform your face.

2. Trophies

Finally, we know more about the trophy case. In the last major update, we could even see the trophies, but no cat who knew what they were for or how they worked.How does it work? Now you can earn prizes by doing certain things on Snap Chat. So you get trophies in your virtual trophy cabinet. For example if you send a snap with a filter, you get a trophy.

3. No more countdown

Every true Snap Chat fan has probably already noticed: since the update, the application no longer counts down for several snaps. Previously you could see how long it took a story and you could also see how long you had to wait until it was finally over.Now that is replaced by a circle with a timeline. At the circle you can still see about how long it takes before you’ve seen it all snaps into the story, but you can not remember it exactly.

4. Replay

There is a paid version of the app! For that you will three times a day can play a snap again. This can now only once a day. The pay version costs $ 0.99, but is (currently) not available with us. That Snap Chat makes us pay for an extra function is also the first time ever.

We are really pleased with the INCREDIBLE Snap Chat Update!

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Mobile Strike epic strategy game for android

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Mobile Strike is a novelty on the market of games for android, characterized by high playability and innovative solutions. Starting adventure in the world of mobile strike, you will have a task to perform various tasks, so that you collect adequate funds to form a powerful army. Unlike other games of this kind, the story game is set in modern times and you will have the opportunity to drive a modern army.

World Games Mobile Strike.

The story in the game is embedded mobile strike in times of real and the player has the opportunity to build the latest achievements of military technology. The strength of the game is based on solutions multiplayer where you can join different alliances and coordinate the actions of their troops together with other players to your team. Fighting in the team is much more profitable due to the production capabilities of the alliance. The game can get a little discouraged amount of pop icons from the notification. It is unfortunately ill most of free MMOs that offer their services at a premium payment system. The creators of mobile strike offer various purchase options, but they are not necessary to be one of the best allies in the game.Free MMO Mobile Strike is undoubtedly a good position for people who like a good strategy. We invite you to play.

The gameplay in Mobile Strike

Strategic gameplay in the MMO game for android mobile strike you start by reading the expandability of his kingdom, your settlement is a grid made up of grouped pools where you can place the appropriate structures. Getting to know the basics of the game to bring you extensive tuto-rial, which explain the rules prevailing in the game, mechanisms for directing gameplay, how to perform tasks. The first buildings you upgrade with just a few clicks if you have the appropriate resources. This way you will be directed way to develop your kingdom and you decide whether you prefer a rapid expansion of its army, or bet on a more economical development of their village. It seems a bit trite, but the number of entered the game advanced capabilities should compensate for the shortcoming. The big plus of gameplay in the mobile strike is the speed at which we can develop your kingdom, while some are constructed, you can at this time to plan and put another.

In this free MMO game, there is always something to do, the game designers have tried for it, so that players can spend with the gameplay as much time. If you like such strategies, without a doubt, you should try your hand at the game. In the game There are many modes such as fulfillment of the main missions, quests that we, together with our allies, or perform daily tasks assigned to the players every day.

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